How to Decorate a Fireplace in Summer Months

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Many homes have fireplaces.  They are large selling features in homes across the country and a necessity for homes in cold regions.  But what do we do with them in the warmer months?  Most of them get avoided and neglected.  We rarely give them a second thought when we aren’t using them to warm our homes.  Candles, craft feathers, plants, and bright accents can create the perfect update for your fireplace.

Instead of ignoring them when they aren’t in use we should use them as decorative cubbies or niches.  Before you decorate your fireplace you will need to give it a good cleaning.  If there still are remains from a winter fire then remove the wood and ashes and dispose of them.  You may use your fireplace shovel and broom to get rid of the majority of the ashes but they will be sufficient enough to remove all of the ashes.  So, vacuum out the last remnants of ash.  If your brick, tile or stone requires additional cleaning to remove soot, this will help create a nice canvas for decorating.

There are a few options that work very well for fireplace decorating.  One simple technique for updating your home’s warming device into a summer month showcase piece.

3 Simple Summer Updates for Fireplaces


Candles- Since many people appreciate their fireplaces just as much for the glow that they exude as the heat that they give off it makes since to incorporate candles.  If you are able to remove your log grate and store it somewhere until the winter months this is the best option.  If it may not be removed then you will have to work around it.  Because, fireplaces are usually dark and heavily shadowed, purchase white pillar and votive candles to brighten and draw attention to your fireplace even when they are unlit.   For the most drama and to create a romantic glow, light the candles before a dinner party or just prior to guests arriving to give them a warm welcoming.

Plants- If you want to spruce up your fireplace or create a decoration inside it, use plants.  Fresh plants are the best option to add life to your hearth.  Choose green plants that offer character and style, steer clear of ivy or ferns for an updated look.  Various succulent plants will create a nice summer, beach-like appearance.  They also have an upside of not having to be watered daily, so you will not need to crouch down to water them constantly.  For the best results remove your fireplace screen and store it somewhere until you will need it again.


Mantle- The mantle decorations should be updated as well.  Replace heavy books and dark colored accents with bright and fresh décor.  Buy feathers sprigs to place in a skinny necked vase or purchase feathers wholesale to create stunning vase fillers.  White candles and a few simple bright accents will polish off your mantle in an updated summer look.

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