Thankful Jar Craft

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!? I know that everyone of us has many things to be thankful for, this craft idea included :) This craft is perfect for doing with the children, while talking about all to be thankful for this season!

(Photo Credit- Rust & Sunshine)

You will need-

-A glass jar with lid

-brown, red, yellow and black paint


-FEATHERS (we suggest goose feathers or hen feathers)

-paper plate

-small paint brush

Start by squeezing a generous amount of brown paint onto your paper plate.  Help the little ones stick their hand, palm down, into the paint.

Carefully help them make a handprint on the jar, fingers pointing up. Let dry.

 Glue down craft feathers over dried fingerprints.

Using the small brush and yellow paint, draw the beak on the thumbprint, use the brush and black paint to paint an eye.

The waddle is a red fingerprint.

On little piece of paper, have the kids write down what they are thankful for, and put in in their jar. On thanksgiving, have everyone read what’s in their jars :)

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