DIY Mini Feather Christmas Tree

Here is a great craft project that will make the perfect holiday decoration or gift!

(Photo Credit- Rhinestone Beagle)

You will need:

  • Styrofoam cone
  • Wooden log (about an inch less in diameter than your cone)
  • Green Paint
  • Glittery star
  • Glue gun with plenty of sticks
  • Green spray glitter in a can
  • Green FEATHERS! (We suggest goose feathers, or turkey flats)

Start by using the green paint to paint your styrofoam cone . Let dry. Glue one ring of feathers at the base, overlapping the feathers, gluing them down almost quill to quill. Now start working your way up to the top of the tree. Most feathers have a natural bend in them, when gluing down the feathers, you want them to bend out, away from the cone. Layer feathers all the way to the top. Next, take your feather tree outside and give it a generous spray coat of the glitter spray!  Next glue your base to the bottom of your tree! And last but not least, stick the star right through the tip of the top of the cone. (These stars can be found at your local craft store, in the fake floral or wreath section)

*There is no law saying that you have to make a green tree! These trees also look great in red and white or a mix!

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