Teacher Gifts They Will Actually Enjoy

Teacher Gifts That They Will Actually Enjoy

Unbelievably, it is time to start purchasing all of those holiday gifts.  Presents for family and close friends, as hostess gifts and party exchanges, and even for your children’s teacher will need to be considered during your holiday shopping.  Over the years a teacher can accumulate a wide array of gifts from students.  Often times these gifts consist of shiny red apples or petite boxes of chocolates.  Any of these thoughtful gifts will warm a teacher’s heart; however, make your gift stand out among all of the others she receives from her loving students.  Give him or her something they can really use this year.

Feather Card

Photo Credit: Rachael McCain

A home-made greeting card to accompany your gift is a great personal touch. Liven up the edges with some turkey feathers or rooster feathers.

If your child has a female teacher then the options are seemingly endless.  Women mostly love the gesture of thoughtfulness that comes with receiving a gift.  Especially teachers of lower elementary students will be gladdened by a hand-made card.   There are two categories of female and male teachers: younger and older.  The gift you give him or her may also be chosen more wisely based on her age.


Younger- (25-45) If you have a young teacher then give her a gift that is reflective of her age.  For a creative gift that will be refreshing are hair feather extensions.  Even though most teachers are not as conservative and structured once the weekend hits, it will be best to keep the color of the feather extensions neutral.  Brown, black, auburn and blonde colored hair feathers will be appreciated and their subtle hue will give a teacher a stylish accessory without being juvenile.

Older- (46+) For an older teacher sentiment is of the utmost importance.  Your teacher will appreciate a gift which displays thoughtfulness.  Perhaps something personalized with your teacher’s name or initials on it such as an embroidered canvas tote bag or a personalized note pad for her desk.


Younger- (25-45) Male teachers in the younger category are likely one of the least sentimental of all teachers.  Get them a gift that they will surely use by purchasing a gift card to a local coffee house.  Spend $5-10 on a card to offer him an early morning pick me up or an after work stress reducer.

Older- (46+) Buy a coffee mug with your teacher’s favorite geographical site or United States President on it.  If you are purchasing a mug for a geography, math, history, or science teacher then keep the mug decoration on theme.  For even more personalization you could have a coffee mug personalized with your teacher’s name printed on it.

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