Bring Back Your Pre-Baby Style

Restore your Pre-Baby Style

Feather style

Gwen is out stylish mom idol! Photo Credit: Katlin LaSotta


Gwen makes it all look so easy! At 43, she is still rockin’ it, but for any new moms out there having a baby is a life changer.  Not only do babies require extra energy and patience they also require constant devotion.  All of the attention focused on baby can take a toll on any woman’s energy level.  Our cute clothes…which no longer fit quite right, hair, make up and even our nails take a major back seat.   Mothers become almost subservient to their new babies answering their every beck and call.

Take back your pre-baby confidence.  You can be a fantastic mother even with manicured nails.  Not only will you look better than if you were hanging around in sweats all day, you will feel better about yourself…which after pregnancy and labor is very empowering.  Don’t worry, you can follow all of these tips in the comfort of your own home while baby is sleeping.

Eye Brows- One of the first things that many women forget to upkeep are their brows.  With dark circles from sleep deprivation and less time in front of the mirror in general, getting a close up look at our faces is no longer much of a priority.  Take the time to trim and shape your brows when baby is content.  Five minutes plucking out stray hairs will give your face a cleaner appearance and you will look more like yourself once you are done.

Nails- Fingernails get majorly neglected once baby arrives.  The old habits of trimming and polishing fly out the window as we focus more on keeping baby’s fingernails clipped to keep them from scratching at their face.  Whether you are a fan of colored polish or not it is important to be hygienic with a newborn.  Trim your nails to keep them short with rounded edges. If you want to add some flare to your short nails, check out these feather nails.

Make up- Our old make up routine seems like one more chore that gets pushed aside, but it is such an important confidence booster.  Freshen up your face by adding your usual palette of makeup.  Add an extra swipe of blush and colored lip gloss to enhance your motherly glow.

Hair Style- Pony tails and buns are a favorite of many mothers.  They easily keep hair out of eyes and baby’s grabbing hands.  Don’t neglect your hair, keep it well brushed and styled so you won’t feel completely unkempt.  Even a pony tail and a bun can be stylish when they are thoughtfully pulled together. Rooster tail feathers, schlappen or thick long hair feathers can be used to update your ponytail look.

Clothes- Ok, so it is obvious that your pre-pregnancy clothing will likely not fit the way that it does after baby.  That, however, is no excuse to slum it in sweat pants all day every day.  If you need to spend a little money on a well-fitting outfit then give yourself permission.  It can take at least 3 months to fit back into your old clothes, but don’t go that long without looking like your past self.

Accessories- Especially if you have a newborn girl you know the importance of accessorizing.  Don’t let your baby outshine you in the style department.  Grab a feather hair clip, peacock feather headband, or some craft feather earrings to keep yourself looking like a stylish mom.


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