Caring for your feather fashion items, crafts and décor – 5 Tips

Feather Earrings

Angelique sports some great feather duster earrings.

Caring for your feather fashion items, crafts and décor – 5 Tips


Feathers are definitely one of the most used items in the fashion, arts and décor industry. They are an exquisite art piece that makes almost everything subtly glamorous. Fashion icons and celebrities alike have been lured by its beauty. In fact, an awards night would be unusual without it. From gowns to venue decorations, feathers can be used.

Despite their beauty, some people are having difficulties maintaining and caring for their feathers imbued crafts. Feathers are quite delicate and they need nothing but an equally delicate care.

To help you out with this daunting task, here are some tips:

  1. Keep it in a dry place (away from any humidity) – As you may have noticed, feathers easily tear. This is because the fibre connecting and holding them together are not that intact. Water or any moist help these fibres to break (and sometimes it makes the fibres stick together especially if they are synthetic), thus you need to keep the feathers dry at all times.
  2. Blow dry in the lowest setting – Accidents do happen. If you accidentally exposed your feather accessory to rain or any water, make sure that you dry it the soonest time possible. Use a hair dryer to dry them, but make sure to keep the feathers moving. This will prevent them from sticking together. Rubbing with a towel while blow drying works well.
  3. Use a baby brush – In the event that your feathers got entangled, do not forcefully make them part. Also, do not use oil because like water, oil can make the feathers weak. Instead, you may use a mini brush to slowly untangle the feathers. Make sure that you “slowly” do it; otherwise the feathers will fall off.
  4. Put in separate storage – Feather accessories cannot be stored together with other jewelry so make sure that you store them separately. If you have limited space, you can store them in one box provided that you put some cover i.e. plastic.
  5. Keep away from pet’s reach! – Feathers are very attractive to your furry pets! If you have cats or dogs in the house, having a feather sofa is definitely a bad idea.

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