Turkey Place Card Craft

Here is a great and simple craft. This would be perfect to accompany name cards, at place settings. (Photo Credit- Fresh Home Ideas) To make this cute turkey, you will … Continue Reading →

DIY Peacock Feather Hearts

Embellish invitations with peacock feather hearts. You will need- -Cut Peacock eyes -Scissors -Optional glue and decorations (Photo Credit: Etsy) The bottom point of the cut peacock tail eye feather, … Continue Reading →

DIY Feather Extension Clip

Here is a very simple idea to make a beautiful extension clip! This will give you the beauty and glory of natural feathers, without the commitment of hair feather extensions! You will … Continue Reading →

DIY Bookmark

Here is a awesome and easy craft idea, that would be perfect Christmas gifts! (Photo Credit: Etsy) You will need- Cardstock paper Feathers (guinea, hen, pheasant or turkey) Flowers & Leaves … Continue Reading →

Guinea Feather Trimmed Scarf

Check out how cute this scarf is! I feel like it would be easy to reproduce something similar, all you need is a scarf with fringe, and some guinea feathers! Randomly tie … Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving pine-cone craft

To make theses cute guys, you will need: -pine-cones -googly eyes -craft feathers -hot glue gun & glue -scraps of yellow or orange felt (Photo Credit: A Pumpkin and A … Continue Reading →

DIY Feather Collar

Fancy collars are all the rage for fall! (Photo Credit: Yes Style) Here is a simple way to make a feather collar! You will need: About 17 inches of Ostrich … Continue Reading →

Feather Your Heels!

I have seen feathered heels in fashion magazines, on the internet, on tv, they are just about everywhere! There are so many ways to add some feather flair to your … Continue Reading →

Glitter Tree for Halloween

Make a glitter tree for Halloween!! Materials: Styrofoam tree Glue spray adhesive Halloween colored glitter Wooden skewer Newspaper Feather boa Glue gun Photo Credit: See Vanessa Craft 1. Cover your … Continue Reading →

Halloween Feather Boa Wreath

Get into the Halloween spirit with a feather boa wreath! Instead of going out and buying one from the store get, GET CREATIVE and design a wreath that’s one of … Continue Reading →